Welcome guys!
On this blogging platform you can find several topics that I wish will leave you inspired, joyful and with thoughts light and free as a feather!

Travelling and food are the big topics here, but I am also excited to share  stories that inspire and make me reflect every day.

Enhancing one’s lifestyle is possible. Healthy and Happy are not myths and can totally go together with hungry, busybusy, moving around and low budget (student). How can I be sure? Well, I just described my life in four words. [Ok it was not exactly four, whateverrrrr.]

Under “Viaggi” you will find the posts on my trips and travel tips, while under “Amore” you can find….food posts of course! The posts of “Vida & Cuentos” do not have one specific topic, and that is where you find other people’s contribution and stories. Some posts can be in another language but there will always be a translation. Regular content will be posted, so stay tuned!

I hope you see this site as a happy island where to read and finish with a smile, an idea or with an adventurous new feeling!

So, this is Me, the People who surround me and this World that I still believe is magical and beautiful! You hopefully will see what I mean😉

map-compass-travel-wallpaper-1920x1080“If you never try you will never know…”


*Why this title?*

Wander. Exploring, curiosity and backpack always ready. That is how I roll.
Lost. It is a word that describes my status now. Life requires you to lose yourself and find yourself more than once. It is ok to be lost, who says you are not going anywhere anyway!
Smile. Always. The world truly smiles back at you. It is not just a saying. Smiling can only bring good, to you and others! I smile so much I already have smiling lines and I do not care.

Also, WanderLost sounds like Wanderlust, my essential inner flame.

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